Coming in 2017!!

New YA Science Fiction Novel

CARDINAL SKY (The Sky Series 1.0)


Read the draft version!

Earth has fallen. For nineteen year old Sky, surviving the end of the world is tougher on her than most. Why? Because by some freak genetic lottery she resembles the alien invaders. After fleeing the lawless cities she finds refuge with a nomad communit
y, hidden deep in the forest. Life is restful, peaceful until he arrives.

Ryan, a man who could be her twin appears under the most mysterious circumstances. He claims to be a rebel from the East on a secret mission that could lead to freedom from their oppressors, but he is not alone. They are hunting him and anyone near him becomes a target.

Forced together to survive, they flee vicious attacks and set out across gang-ruled and infected territories, to find her Brother, a captain in the Western Liberators. As secrets unravel between them, Sky will discover he is not the savior they imagined and some knowledge is better left unknown, because the truth will derail all she believes.

An action-packed adventure in a future where survival is everything.

Read the draft version!

Looking forward to reading your thoughts

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