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Lets cut straight to the chase, I am an aspiring author, ex-ESL teacher, ex-IT lecturer, ex-Academic Director and ex-Consultant. Yes, I spent a while working in the corporate world, and worked hard but as I got older (and hopefully a little wiser) I got caught in a rut and did a lot of soul searching and rediscovered my passion. Fingers crossed, it works out.

I’ve travelled extensively, have lived in four cities in three different countries and moved cities five times, quick do the maths. Yes I moved back to one of them, my birth place/ hometown whatever you want to call it.

Magic, swords, martial arts and spaceships have always been my favourite topic. I was known as a closet geek in university and grew up watching Chinese men in robes flying through bamboo forests with swords! All very fun at the time, but now it might need to be taken with a grain of salt.

I have about six years of martial arts experience under my belt (retired now) but I fully enjoy visualising the fight scenes when I write them. I’ve studied over four years of Karate when I was a teenager, won a few national medals, dabbled in boxing, kickboxing, aikido, taekwondo and even did about two years of Kyuudo (that’s Japanese traditional archery).

I grew up in one of Asia’s smallest countries, then at the tender age of eleven my parents uprooted me and I found myself down under speaking an accent that takes a lot of practice. Can you say Culture Shock!? Seriously I was hopping mad for a while. At twenty four it was time to take flight towards the rising sun. I loved it there so much that one year quickly turned into six! But after meeting my Suomi mate to be it was time to return to where it all began in the Lion City. Let’s see how long we stick around here before we go on our next grand adventure.

I am currently working on a four piece series. If you haven’t guessed already the series is called the Mage Chronicles. The first book is about 90% complete so I am looking into if I go for the traditional method or the selfie method. Since I have already quit my day job and am relying of my ever patient husband I really hope I can at least make a living from something I really enjoy doing. I am not hoping to make a fortune just a little pocket money. This is me really putting myself out there! I’m all for jumping in head first yelling Wahoo!

Just a quick update. Mage Chronicles is having a break while I iron out some major kinks in the story. In the mean time I hope you enjoy my new YA Fantasy, The Deus: tales of griffins- which is at the editors and should be released SOON!

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  1. mok says:

    Thank you dear 🙂
    Needs a bit of TLC though.
    Your site is gorgeous, as to be expected of a pro thought 😉
    Thanks for stopping by ❤


  2. Anne Miles says:

    boo. love your site.

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  3. mmok says:

    Hi Sherry,
    Thank you 🙂 I’m off to go look at your site now!

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  4. Sherry Chen says:

    Hi there, I think your site’s got beautiful design and such interesting pieces, so I’m following! 🙂
    I really enjoy your posts and look forward to your next.
    Feel free to check out my writing about publishing:

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  5. Good for you for pulling out those three chapters from ten years ago! Several of my recent editing jobs have been for authors who wrote their manuscripts ten, fifteen, and in one case, more than twenty-five years ago! Indie publishing has given new life to many great stories; the important thing is to give your manuscript every chance for success by making it the best it can be, including the editing, interior design, and cover art. I’d just like to add that whether you decide to pursue traditional or indie publishing, the majority of the marketing is on you as the author, so this blog is a great first step.

    Thanks for following my blog, which brought me to yours, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your work!

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